New Books

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Journal Articles
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  11.  “Does Inequality matter for air pollution and health relationship?: The Turkish Case”, Econoquantum, 2015, 12:1 7-30, (M.O Kayalica, A.A.Bayar and S.Degirmenci).
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  14. “Verimliliği Düşmüş Bataryaların Hizmet Sektöründe Kullanımı: Akıllı Tesis Uygulaması (Use of Repurposed eV Batteries in the Service Sector: A Smart Facility Application)”, Efil Journal, (with D. Guven, M.Ö. Kayalica and G. Kayakutlu), 1(3), 2018, 58-72
  15. "CO2 Emission Analysis for East European Countries: The Role of Underlying Emission Trend", Environmental Economics, (D. Guven, M.Ö. Kayalica and G. Kayakutlu), 2020, 11(1):67-81

Chapters in Books

  1. “Local content requirements and international market share rivalry”, in; New developments in international trade: theoretical and empirical investigation, eds. Seiichi Katayama and Kaz Miyagiwa, The Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration, Kobe University, Japan, (M.O Kayalica and S.Lahiri) 2003.
  2. Strategic environmental policies with foreign direct investment: Implications of European Enlargement”, in; Trade and the Environment: Theory and Policy in the Context of EU Enlargement and Economic Transition, eds. J. W. Maxwell, and R. Reuveny. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., UK (M.O Kayalica and S. Lahiri) 2005.
  3. “Foreign Direct Investment and Growth in Mediterranean Countries”, ed. F. Praussello, in "Sustainable Development and Adjustment in the MEDA Countries Following the EU Enlargement", (M.O Kayalica, L. Ozkale, M. Hisarciklilar, and S. Kayam) 2006.
  4. “Energy Demand Side Management in the Lack of Smart Grids”, in Cucchiella, F., and L. Koh (eds), Sustainable Future Energy Technology and Supply Chains, Springer, 2015.
  5. “Environmental Quota in an Asymmetric Trade Competition”, in; International Environmental Efficiency: A Critical Analysis, (eds), M.O. Kayalica, S. Cagatay and H. Mihci, (M.O Kayalica and R.Espinosa) by Routledge, UK, 2017
  6. “Cooperation in Environmental Standards When Abatement Technology Differs”, in; International Environmental Efficiency: A Critical Analysis, (eds), M.O. Kayalica, S. Cagatay and H. Mihci, (M.O Kayalica, M. Kumas and G. Kayakutlu) by Routledge, UK, 2017
  1. "Bir Endustri Olarak GOLF", Turkiye Golf Federasyonu Yayinlari, Istanbul, (M.O Kayalica, G.Faiz, A.A.Kasap and S.Kucukcifci), 2008.
  2. “International Environmental Efficiency: A Critical Analysis” (M.O Kayalica, S.Cagatay and H. Mihci), by Routledge, UK, 2017